10-11 NOVEMBER 2021
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Join in for a 2-day long outer space experience without leaving your home and learn about SpaceTech in our everyday lives and world changing innovations.

Space Terminal – Online Summit powered by Design Terminal aims to inspire participants and show them that space industry is not science-fiction and space inventions and technologies could be used in our everyday lives. Apart from this, we would like to strengthen a community of successful space related startups all over Europe. We provide an interactive platform for startups, founders, corporations, investors, ecosystem builders and other experts of the space industry to share knowledge and build a network.

Why attend?

Hot Topics

Using aerial imagery for tackling climate change? Women in space industry? Space tourism? Here you can find the hottest space topics and the most pioneering innovations.


Share knowledge and build a network with the help of experts and specialists from a diverse background.


Build a foundation for your future deals! Connect with others, share your thoughts and meet like-minded participants.


Do you have a spacetech startup? Showcase your business ideas and pitch in front of a professional jury!

Main topics


10 November, Wednesday
10:00 – 10:05


Orsolya Ferencz

Ministerial Commissioner for Space Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary

10:05 – 10:20

1on1: Flying cars

Half way between the earth and the sky. Are flying cars a sustainable alternative? How can we solve the common aerospace vehicle problems like energy efficiency, noise reduction, and the training that is necessary to be able to fly a car? Most importantly, when and where will I be able to buy it?

Edgar Rodrigues

Program Manager at EVE Air Mobility

10:25 – 10:45

1on1: Past, present and future of the space industry in Europe

What are the current challenges of space industry? How can we respond to these or solve them? What challenges await us in the future? A brief overview of the Space Downstream industry, that makes use of space data to crate business, products, daily life improvement.

Fiammetta Diani

Head of Market Development, EU Agency for the Space Programme

11:00 – 11:20

Panel talk: Space Entrepreneurship

Space entrepreneurship requires an extra dose of risk tolerance. So why get into it? Find out how the space sector and space assets offer new business opportunities.

Linda Van Duivenbode

Board member at Groundstation Space / dotSPACE

Ricardo Marvao

Co-Founder of Beta-I

Vicente Gonzalez Negro

CTO and Co-founder, FOSSA Systems

11:25 – 11:45

Panel talk: Women in Space

Why are there still so few of women in the space sector? What opportunities do they have and what can they offer? Listen to two women who broke the barriers in the space industry.

Bianca Cefalo

Co-founder & CEO, Space DOTS | Director BD, Carbice | Space Engineer

Dorottya Milankovich

Aerospace project manager at C3S, member of the Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the United Nations

14:00 – 14:15

Panel talk: Space for climate

Have you ever wondered how space-based technologies can mitigate the effects of climate change and support life on Earth? Learn more about how help can come directly from space to farmers to withstand climate change better.

Max Gulde

Ceo and Founder, ContstellR

Alexander Gunkel

CEO and founder, Space4Good

Inbal Becker

Reshef- Director NASA Harvest

14:20 – 14:40

Panel talk: Space on Earth – SpaceTech in our everyday life

Why are we focusing on exploring space, when there are so many problems to be fixed here on Earth? Learn more about how space-based technologies can improve our daily lives!

Thaddé Bouchard

Project coordinator, Aerospace Valley

Johannes Rohrenbach

Co-founder and CEO, Mavuno Technologies

14:45 – 15:00

Panel talk: Get in the fast lane to space

How proven space services solutions and platforms are turning customer’s ideas into reality in less time, with less risk and a clear roadmap for growth.

Dan Isaac

Business development executive at Spire Global

Guillermo Valenzuela

CEO, Aistech Space




Alexis Latham

Founder & CEO, Scallabouche Theatre Company

Alexis Latham is a British born actor, director, theatre maker (Scallabouche Theatre Company) and coach. Alexis especially enjoys the challenge of improvising and interacting with live audiences and has used his considerable knowledge and experience to coach business leaders, politicians and young offenders in the art of storytelling and communication.


Andrea Joós

Science communicator and teacher

Andrea Joós is a science-communicator and biology teacher, an enthusiastic night sky-gazer and shooting-star counter. She is fascinated by the creativity of the human race, and truly amazed by the milestones that were achieved out there, in space.



Orsolya Ferencz Dr.

Ministerial Commissioner for Space Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary

Orsolya Ferencz is the Ministerial Commissioner for Space Research in Hungary since 2018. She is also a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where her research topics include the magnetosphere, the electromagnetic environment of celestial bodies and space weather. She is a graduated electrical engineer.


Fiammetta Diani

Head of Market Development, EU Agency for the Space Programme

Fiammetta Diani is the Head of Market Development at the GSA, now EUSPA. Before joining the GSA, she worked in the private sector for more than a decade, both in the aerospace and information technology industry, with focus on market and business development of products, applications and services based on space technologies (GNSS, Earth Observation and Satellite Communications). Fiammetta Diani holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace and a post-graduate Master in Economics and Business Administration of governmental and non-profit organisations.v


Bianca Cefalo

Co-founder & CEO, Space DOTS | Director BD, Carbice | Space Engineer

Bianca Cefalo is the co-founder and CEO of Space DOTS startupand the Director of International Business Development at Carbice Corporation deep-tech startup. To date, Bianca has spent over a decade between Berlin and London driving development and qualification of space systems thermal management solutions and contributing to the delivery of multiple interplanetary science missions and commercial spacecraft. In 2020 she founded Cosmica Space Consulting pursuing her mission to inspire and empower the next generation of STEM leaders through creative sci-pop & scicomm projects.


Ricardo Marvao

Co-founder, Beta-i

Ricardo Marvao is co-founder of Beta-i, a collaborative innovation consultancy helping entrepreneurial ecosystems grow. He is the founder of the Singularity University Portugal. He is a managing partner of LC Ventures fund, which invests in innovative technology startups in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Ricardo was a co-founder and CEO of Evolve Space Solutions, developing software products for the aerospace industry, with customers such as ESA, Thales, Astrium, Inmarsat, Eumetsat, Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.


Istvan Sarhegyi

Founder of Herius Capital Space Fund | Co-owner of Remred Space Technologies

Istvan Sarhegyi is an entrepeneur, space lawyer, economist and investor. As an alumnus of the International Space University, he is dedicated to build the ecosystem of the Hungarian space industry. He co-founded CarpathiaSat, the Hungarian Space Telecommunications Corporation and is the largest shareholder of Remred, a space-tech and manufacturing company. He also established Herius Capital investment management companyIstvan teaches international space law at the University of Pécs and is a member of several space related social organisations and foundations, like SpaceBuzz.


Linda van Duivenbode

Board member, Groundstation.Space

Linda van Duivenbode is a co-founder and board member of Groundstation.Space, a platform and network for innovation with remote sensing data. Prior to that she co-founded a startup that was accepted in ESA BIC Noordwijk and won the 2017 Copernicus EC B2B prize. Linda has a background in space technology consultancy, business development and was responsible for space policy and research and innovation policy at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. She is also the Renewable Energy lead in the Ideas From Europe that is a social broker for innovation with societal impact.


Max Gulde

Co-founder & CEO, ContstellR | Research fellow, Fraunhofer Institute

Max is an accomplished physicist with a broad scientific and technological background including optical systems, numerical simulations, image processing, space flight dynamics, and software development. He is the co-founder and CEO of ConstellR, a Fraunhofer-led spin-off and responsible for the acquisition of grant and equity funding.


Thadde Bouchard

Project coordinator, Aerospace Valley

Since 2020, Thadde Bouchard is acting as the coordinator of the European INNOSUP-01 project UFO in Aerospace Valley. He acquired noticeable knowledge in international collaborative partnerships and earned great experience in the development of space projects using advanced technology. Thaddé also had the opportunity to work on the proposition of the Blue World and the Autonomous Shipping initiatives for the 2019+ Ministerial Council of the European Space Agency. Thanks to his academic studies and professional experiences, he acquired strong knowledge in the space sector.


Zoltan Vardy

Investor | Mentor | Founder, The Launch Code

Zoltan Vardy is a business growth mentor who helps B2B technology startups scale globally. He works with startup founders to help them find their focus and boost their sales and productivity through personal mentoring and by applying a business development framework he created, called The Launch Code™. During his 30-year career in global business, he spent 20 years as a senior media executive (NBCUniversal, ProSiebenSat1, CBS) and 10 years as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor.


Dan Isaac

Business Development Executive, Spire Global

Dan Isaac is a Business Development Executive at Spire Global with over 24 years of experience in the space industry. He holds a B.Eng in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Space Studies. Dan has worked for leading aerospace companies such as Boeing, CGI, Deimos Space, SES and now Spire Global where he leads Spire’s Space Service commercial offering.


Dorottya Milankovich

Aerospace Project Manager, C3S LLC

Dorottya Milankovich has a master’s degree in physics from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. She works at C3S LLC as aerospace project manager of CubeSat projects. In the past, she coordinated the Space Chemistry R&D Project at InnoStudio Inc. During her university studies, she participated in an ESA supported international student rocket programme (REXUS). She was a National Point of Contact for Hungary at the Space Generation Advisory Council, currently she is a board member of the Hungarian Astronautical Society.


Andras Kanai


Andras Kanai is a multi-award winning creative marketing communicator and futurist. He wrote more than 300 articles on science fiction, pop culture and future oriented themes. In 2018 the prestiogus HVG Könyvek published his first non-fiction book called "It Happened Tomorrow" about the reality of five important and popular science fiction ideas. Mr. Kanai likes to participate in conversations and debates about the near future, and interaction between society and technology.


Johannes Röhrenbach

CEO and Co-Founder, Mavuno Technologies

Mavuno Technologies is an AgriTech startup with the mission to empower African smallholder farmers with satellite imagery, machine learning and organic crop protectants in order to significantly increase their harvest yields.


Alexander Gunkel

CEO and Founder of Space4Good

Alexander Gunkel is a serial entrepreneur using space technology for social and environmental good. Since 2013, he has co-founded 3 impact ventures, of which he is the managing director of Space4Good.

Space4Good is a geospatial innovation development and service company leveraging satellite earth observation to monitor social and environmental impact initiatives around the globe.


Igor Bobek

Producer at MarsTalk, The Mars Society

Igor is one of the producers of MarsTalk, an educational YouTube channel of the Mars Society. He is the founder of a start-up project, AVISA Space, a project dedicated to making the human space experience more accessible to people all over the world. Also, he is the founder of Destination Space – the space travel news site. His passion for space is focused on human access to space, colonization of other planets and making humanity a multi-planetary species.


Vicente Gonzalez Negro

CTO and Co-founder of FOSSA Systems

He co-founded the commercial branch of FOSSA Systems together with Julián Fernández, CEO of the company. FOSSA Systems is creating a new low-cost picosatellite market to democratize access to space with the objective of providing accessible IoT connectivity services for all types of entities, regardless of their nature or volume.


Guillermo Valenzuela Ramos

CEO, Aistech Space

Guillermo is co-founder and CEO of Aistech Space. He is an engineer and innovator with more than 25 years of experience in different industries, including automotive, chemical, and space. Aistech Soace generate affordable, recurrent, high-resolution thermal imagery of the planet to provide a new perspective of Earth’s changing resource.


Inbal Becker-Reshef

Director, NASA Harvest

Inbalis the Director of NASA Harvest, Program Scientist at the GEOGLAM Secretariat and visiting professor at University of Strasbourg. Her work is focused on the application of satellite information for agricultural monitoring from the field to global scale in support of decisions in food security and agricultural markets and sustainability.


Eleni Charitonos

analog astronaut

Eleni is the first Cypriot analog astronaut while actively working towards becoming the first Cypriot astronaut. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Glasgow. Eleni is also the Deputy Manager of the 6th SGAC European Space Workshop. She also directs the Space Safety and Sustainability Essay Competition and works as a Report Designer for the Space Generation Advisory Council.


Laszlo Csurgai-Horvath

University Professor

Laszlo is an associate professor at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory. His current research interest is focused on satellite radio propagation and the engineering aspects of space technology. He is the chair of the education committee of the space engineering program at the university.


Alastair Reynolds

Alastair trained as an astronomer before working for the European Space Agency on a variety of science projects. He started publishing science fiction in 1990, and has now produced more than sixty short stories, as well as fourteen solo novels. He has won the BSFA, Sidewise, Seiun and European Science Fiction Society awards, and has been a finalist for the Hugo, Arthur C Clarke, Locus and Sturgeon awards.


Edgar Mendes Rodrigues

Program Manager at EVE Air Mobility

Mechanical-aeronautical engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation and aerospace industry. Joined Embraer Engineering in 2007. Today, program manager at Eve Air Mobility with a focus on disruptive new businesses and technologies that support the democratization of air travel.


Zsuzsanna Bodi

ESA BIC Hungary coordinator

Having led the international federation of benchmarked living labs and participating in 25+ EU R&I projects made her well connected within the network of innovation hubs and PPP partnerships. With her Senior Manager profile and 13+ years’ experience, Zsuzsanna is bringing her engineering and management multifaceted profile for Design Terminal as coordinator of the ESA BIC Hungary programme.


About X-Europe

X-Europe builds a bridge between regions and tech companies across Europe through events, media, training, and acceleration.
With a focus on the Baltics, the Visegrad region, and Western Europe, the programme connects 150 deeptech startups with corporations, investment firms, and ecosystem builders. X-Europe is helping opportunities cross borders, thus, creating diverse new European tech communities.
Within 2 years the program will cover six deeptech trends. Each cohort addresses a single trend. The 26 chosen startups from the AgriTech cohort are coming to the event as well.

About Design Terminal

Design Terminal is Central Europe’s leading innovation agency that builds ‘Innovation Champions’ through corporate partnerships and talent acceleration. They believe entrepreneurial culture is based on optimism, which drives meaningful innovation. Design Terminal gives corporate leaders and startup founders the knowledge and access they need to catalyze innovation across any organization. Incubation programs are up and running in twelve countries, and since 2014 the organization has worked with more than 1000 startups and several leading corporations.


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The European Commission recognized our efforts by the European Enterprise Promotion Award (EEPA) in 2014, and in 2016 we obtained the award for the best Hungarian accelerator, as part of the Central European Startup Awards.